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Brooke Bite: Leaves, Cider and Welcoming Fall

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Saturday Snackable Bite -

Vallecito Lake as seen last weekend, during my first excursion with my new camper, Feather! Autumn is in full swing here near Durango, Colorado.

What inspired me this week?

Watching the changing seasons always inspires me. Spring brings about new awareness, and as Autumn drops her leaves, I'm reminded to let go of things, too.

My busy season begins in October. I've started a tradition where I look at my to-do list and assess everything on it. How do I feel about this? Do I really need to do that? Why did I choose to say yes to this event?

As I sift through things, I tune into my body, notice how I feel about each item on my calendar, and question its necessity. It's a tricky process because I need to release my idea about what I "should" be doing and what I tell myself I “have” to do. It's much easier to do the things and then get blameful and resentful later.

Who's that serving? Who’s that hurting? Just stuff to notice.

Fall Faves

Here are a few things that make October a special month for me. Just hit reply to this email to let me know your fall faves!

Favorite Fall Foods

Green chili stew, ginger cookies, curry - all things spicy

Favorite Fall Beverages

Hot Chai (my favorite is the Fancy Nancy Chai at Blue Sky Café in Bayfield!)

Favorite Cozy Movies

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

There's Something About Mary - always makes me giggle.

Favorite Fall Tunes:

When things begin to cool down, I like listening to warmer tunes — old-school Fiona Apple, Jewel, Lemonheads, and Violent Femmes. Things that bring home the nostalgia!

Ideal October Weekend:

A hike after a rainstorm to go mushroom hunting on Saturday and collect beautiful fall leaves for no particular reason; home to make a hardy stew, snuggling by a fire, waiting for the first snow to come, and a lazy Sunday with no plans on the schedule so I can sleep in, go out for a lazy brunch, come home to read, get caught up on chores, bake a little and prepare for my week ahead.

Every October, I never miss my chance to...

…go apple picking at the with Danica & Zack Frost and at my friend's cabin in Hermosa, where we gather with a live band and barrels of apples to press for cider. Yummy! Danica is a client of mine - she has written, illustrated, and published her own books, helping to sustain the farm!


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