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Clean Pain

Envision a tree. It could be any tree – one you’ve formed a bond with, one you can see right now, or one you remember climbing as a child. See the tree in its entirety: branches, leaves or needles, fruit or acorns or pinecones, its trunk, and even its hidden roots. Now envision one of its limbs is dying. It’s miscolored and lifeless. Its leaves are dropping. It still hangs on the tree’s trunk but no longer  serves a purpose. One day, a gale of wind blows through, and that limb falls right off the tree!


I'd like to share a perspective about what I call “Clean Pain”.... 

Handling your own bad mood

The world is in constant flux. It's getting faster, too. Have you noticed? It seems like every time I turn around something is changing - personally, professionally, for our country. Do you have a hard time keeping up? I certainly do! And I tend to feel negatively about change - at least in the beginning.




Exploring Self-Parenting

When you were a child, things were done for you. As you grew , the adults in your life slowly stopped doing those things as you gradually took over for yourself.

Eventually, you were left to do everything on your own.


How did you compensate for that transition?

If you're like most, you did one of two things:

Let's Talk Magic

I refer to magic quite a bit in my coaching practice because I seem to experience it a lot in my own life. I also witness it in the journeys of many of my clients.


Are you selfish...Enough?

There are a lot of ways to establish your self-care. Today, I'm reaching out with one example of what it looks like to be "selfish", and how it actually benefits the people around you!


"You do you," is at the top of the list of my favorite Gen Z quotes.  Not because I'm insensitive; quite the opposite. I identify with this quote because it's respectful of myself, and even more, it's respectful of everyone else in my life: yes, You.

Rest to Find Clarity

I was mentally exhausted. The night prior, I'd taught a class for the Wayfinder Life-Coach Training. It was my first time instructing this particular skill set, and the trainees were brand new to the training ...


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