Reiki I/II Practioner

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique to promote relaxation and reduce stress. It has been used as energy medicine.


Rei (霊) means spiritual wisdom, Ki means Life Energy (気).

Reiki practitioners use a palm healing technique either in person or virtually* to relax and promote healing by transferring energy to the patient. It is used to promote both emotional and physical healing. 

Reiki is a pseudoscience based on energy from the Universal Life Force. 


Reiki doesn't replace conventional medicine. It works alongside traditional medicine to increase relaxation and assists to promote healing.

Using Reiki alongside coaching:

Occasionally a client who isn't moving forward toward the life of their dreams has noted that they feel additional blocks that are outside of their control. They are doing their work, using the tools, and still aren't feeling joyful. I offer Reiki I/II treatments alongside coaching, and in correlation with Ho'oponopono techniques in order to aid with healing these blocks. 

*The possibility of virtual Reiki treatments surprised me at first. Then I learned that Reiki comes from the Universal Consciousness which is timeless and boundless; therefore, it can reach anyone, anywhere, at any time. It doesn't need to be *believed* to work. You simply need to be open to receiving this energy for it to do its magic. 

Why Reiki, Brooke?

I was introduced to Reiki in my early 20s during a particularly difficult medical illness that I was experiencing. I'll spare you the details on my website. I'm happy to discuss my experience with you if you're interested in scheduling a discovery call with me. (button below)

     My story had a significant impact on my life and my beliefs surrounding energy. This is the reason I am a Ho'oponopono Practitioner and a Reiki I/II Practitioner. 


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