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What's Your Superpower

Book and Bench

This Week's Pondering:

Q: What's your Superpower?

A: My superpower, while coaching, is to interrupt when clients go off on story tangents (something everyone does while processing situations). I've learned to listen with soft ears so that I can sort of hear between the lines. Where is the client emotionally stimulated?  I'm able to hone in on one specific part of their story and gently pause them, so we can make some real headway toward living more authentically.

I like to work with clients to integrate the four parts of themselves: Mind/Body/Heart/Soul so they are able to live fully integrated and in their integrity. Interrupting helps cut out the BS, so they can recognize the heart of their situations. This moves them forward in a more honest, better-feeling way. 

YOUR TURN: Everyone's got one, and sometimes it's something quite unexpected. What's your superpower in life or business? 

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