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What I'm Bringing With Me

Book and Bench

This Week's Pondering:

Q: What do I want to bring with me in the New Year?

A: For me, 2023 was both beautiful and trying. I learned a lot about myself. In December, I intentionally looked at all the parts of myself: Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul.

I noticed how each shows up in its own way, doing its own job, so beautifully and articulately.

My Mind: Loves thinking and creating stories and judgments and wants to protect me and does this through thoughts.

My Heart: Loves so wholly and completely, all the time and looks for ways to connect.

My Body: Sends me cues and messages all the time. When I listen to it, I realize it's guiding me toward things that I need in my life; and steers me away from things that I need to stay away from.

My Soul: She's not always easy to hear through the fuss of my day-to-day. When I'm able to sit quietly and listen, I can feel her presence. She's simply witnessing events and loves everything I choose to participate in - good, bad, and indifferent. I happen to be her playground.

I want to be cognizant of each of these parts in 2024. Realizing how they are simply doing their jobs, and learning better to listen/question/feel/witness each of these parts to remain in my integrity. 

YOUR TURN: What do you want to bring with you into the New Year?

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