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Committing to a Dream

Book and Bench

This Week's Pondering:

Q: What is something you've dreamed of doing, but haven't yet done?

A:  I've always wanted to go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride! Even though heights terrify me, there's something humbling about the idea of being in a basket, hundreds of feet in the sky, in the cold weather, looking down on the town where I live, that absolutely entices me!

Will this be the year I finally do the thing I've wanted to do my entire life? I believe that these yearnings that reach out to us over and over again, aren't going away anytime soon. We put them off, push the ideas away, and ignore them.


My initial excuses are time, money, where do I find a hot air balloon to ride?  All of those things are simply standing in the way of something that continues to call out to me. 

So, here's a promise to myself, with you as witnesses, and my accountability partners:

I will go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride this very year. I even just looked up different companies in my area: and I can fly for $169!

Small steps are courageous steps!

Your turn: What is something you've always wanted to do, but haven't done yet?


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