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Brooke Bite: Monkey Mind I hear you, and it's alright

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

If I could simply silence my Monkey Mind, then I'd reach my meditation intention.

This Week's Pondering

Q: What is it about meditation sometimes just not working?

A: The Monkey Mind

Practicing meditation was difficult for me until I released the belief I was holding about meditating: To clear my mind. I found this nearly impossible to do, which led to frustration.

I have a monkey mind, and I would bet one of my kitties that you sometimes do too. The entire purpose of our brain is to figure things out. Why am I spending time trying to get my mind to quit doing its only job? Once I released the idea to stop thinking and allowed those thoughts to flow, meditation became easier.

My most recent meditation practice is to light an incense stick and watch it burn-baby-burn. Watching the smoke flow from the tip gives me something to focus on aside from my thoughts.

Now I find meditation peaceful and my purpose for doing so is to simply give my Soul time and space to unite with my body.


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