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Brooke Bite: When Someone We Love is Struggling

Book and Bench

This Week's Pondering:

Q: How do you help someone when they're struggling?

A: We have all empathized with someone who's having a hard time. I often think I know how to help ease their suffering because I've faced a similar situation in the past.

But, no two situations are the same. What worked for me probably won't work for them because it's their path, and their turn to grow.

Instead, I get curious and ask questions about their story. This helps find the places where their situation differs from mine so they can find their solution; one that comes from their internal wisdom. This helps develop self-trust and enables them to take action that feels aligned with their truth - not mine. It also helps take their resistance out of the connection because they're not needing to defend what they think needs to happen.

Your turn: How do you help others when they're struggling? Also, how do you help yourself through tricky situations?


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