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Brooke Bite: Finding a Different Holiday Spirit

Book and Bench

This Week's Pondering:

Q: How can I find holiday spirit when everything is different this year?"

A: Life changes, often abruptly. We want to keep the normal traditions alive, but at some point, we realize, nothing is the same and it will never again be like it was. Every “first” is acutely enhanced and felt.

The holidays definitely magnify loss. I’ve learned to incorporate something new into my tradition to help honor the loss or the change. For instance, when my grandmother passed away, I started making one of her famous casseroles every Christmas. When I went through a divorce and had to navigate custody, I decided the first morning I have my kiddos after the holiday is the day I celebrate Christmas. This helps me create new traditions inside of my existing traditions allowing the parts of my past that I honored the most to remain present.

Your Turn: How do you find the holiday spirit when changes happen?

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