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Somatic Writer Coaching

Brooke Smith, Life- Writing & Publishing Coach

Specializing in Writing, Goal-setting, and Transition coaching

Do you dream of writing a book,

starting a blog, or finally writing your family history?

You think of it often,

and still hesitate to sit and write.

I'm a writer. I've been there.

And I know how to get out of that stuck spot.

Do you know how to publish your book?

Do you know who will want to read it?

Have you created time in your schedule to write?

Is your project written?

Until you write your thing, these other questions become road blocks.

Researching publishers and worrying about your audience

doesn't matter until your project is complete.

Here's my advice: Just Write.

 After hearing this, if you still find yourself not writing,

we need to chat.

(There's something deeper going on.)

Then, after it's written, I know the steps to get your work published!

I have a wheelhouse of editors, illustrators, 

and layout & design artists to help you complete your project!

I understand ISBNs, LCCN, Traditional Publishing & Self-Publishing!


Working with me, you are able to fully immerse yourself in your current step, knowing that I hold the information for your next step.

As an author, I understand the stop points that become writer's block;

as a life-coach, I know how to untangle those blocks;

as a publishing coach, I hold the necessary next step

toward reaching YOUR goal, whatever it may be!

If you're not doing the thing you say you want to be doing,

there's something deeper going on.

Reach out. I can help.

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