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Personal  Development  & Writing Coach

Do you ever feel there's something missing?

You've done all the things *they* said to do:

You went to school, got your degree, secured yourself that dream job,

found a life-long partner, had a couple bundles of joy;

and here you are bored.

Are you tired, too? And sometimes, you may even feel lonely.

WTF is going on?

Welcome to The Shift.

We all get here through one means or another:

A loved one dies and it knocks us off our rocker.

We lose the job our loyalty tells us we'll be happy with,

or you're terribly bored with the job you secured all those years ago.

Suddenly, that relationship you thought was forever - ends.

Your kids grew up, moved away, are on their own life-journey.

Or - you're simply no longer interested in your daily routine.

You are right on time, and you're in the right place.

The Shift is normal, natural, and nothing to fear.

Release your expectation and embrace this unique opportunity to discover

your living passions! Let's discover how The Shift is happening for (not to) you!

I'm here to facilitate The Shift. 

Book a free 1:1 discovery call and tap into your inner wisdom!

Let's begin playing toward the life you dreamed of oh-so-long-ago.

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Thanks for connecting!

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